Senior Associate at BiCoastal Recruiting Partners

Gonen is an excellent recruiter taking on different challenges and mandates each and every day. His knowledge as a recruiter-to-recruiter is well above average. While working with Gonen, I found out how much of a well-rounded individual he was as a recruiter and as a human being. He was always very prompt and organized with scheduling calls and keeping me up-to-date on opportunities or feedback. He is also very personable and can connect with you on several different platforms. When I told him I was heading out for a quick vacation to California he sent a courteous email on some great things to do while I was over there. Gonen was able to make my preferences, goals, and ideas of what I was looking to do in the recruiting world a reality. Him along with his colleagues at DG Recruit (Victor & Dandan) were absolutely fantastic with regards to their service and matching me up with my current role. I am now several months into my new role and have not one single complaint. They were able to find me a role I know I can exceed and grow in within a very short time frame. 5/5 stars for the recruiter and his company. All the best to Gonen, Victor, and Dandan. Thank you DG Recruit.

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