Recruitment Professionals: How to Work with DG Recruit

Recruitment professionals are so scared to interact with Rec2Rec aka R4R recruiters due to the horrific quality standards that most Rec2Rec recruitment firms adhere to. There’s no training, no strong leader, no process, no real niche focus, and so many bad practices and inefficiencies that both recruiters and candidates struggle to make sense of their day.

Dear recruitment professional, that’s not the case at DG Recruit. We know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to helping recruiters in their careers.

Here’s all you need to know about who we are and what we do:

#1. No, we don’t recruit internal recruiters or corporate types.

There are a variety of reasons why internal recruitment, HR, and corporate recruiting jobs are horrible life choices for TRUE go-getters. Listen to this DG Recruit Podcast episoderead this article, or just talk to us! We’ll walk you through the myriad of reasons why you will really struggle to like an internal job if you’re a sales type that likes freedom, money, entrepreneurship, and success.

#2. We’re privately owned thus we don’t mess around with you – confidentiality is EVERYTHING.

A lot of our competitors are owned by other companies (they won’t tell you that though!). In that case, you would have submitted yourself to a firm that has less accountability, care, and desire to please the market since they don’t have a real stake in their brand. They’re not bootstrapped and worse yet, they have a financial incentive to serve their master. We don’t have any problems like that. We’re proud of being independent.

Since I founded DG Recruit in 2018, we are absolutely meticulous and obsessed with candidate confidentiality as our #1 priority. We only work with clients whom we like AND trust to protect you. We go to great lengths to confirm that everything we discuss stays private with no risk of you being found out.

Our clients are awesome, but our CANDIDATE is our #1 CUSTOMER.

#3. We’re a high-touch shop, available 24/7 to support you.

As a team-oriented firm, we have multiple team members assigned to you to receive coaching, resume design (yes, we do that for free, whether or not you decide to interview), and we have multiple people internally help you schedule interviews, mentally prep, and negotiate your offers as best as we can. Our clients and we ourselves are contractually bound to protect your confidentiality.

We use text-messaging (I would hope everyone would use text primarily in this day and age) so we’re fast to help you deal with any issue that arises. When you have an interview, you’ll get a beautiful email invite with clear details on what is going on and also more conversations at every step of the process to make sure you feel 100% supported. Whatever you need, we’re here for you every step of the way!

#4. We don’t expect you to make a move immediately (or even anytime soon)!

For all people who tell us they are all set for now and don’t want to move, we are your perfect partner! Our specialty is working with PASSIVE CANDIDATES. We prefer to work with people well in advance of when they actually need to make a move. That’s how we’re able to get the best offers and career opportunities aligned for our candidates.

Since we’re constantly closing deals, we don’t really care when you decide to start. It’s all good! We just want to be in your network so that one day, when you or anyone you know may need us, we’re already way ahead of the game with your resume completed and you fully educated on what’s happening on the open market.

#5. Join our golden loop today.

As a completely niche recruitment firm dedicated to help the current or future top performers in agency recruitment, we constantly throw parties, events, and catch-ups with you to learn more about your journey in recruitment. We like to cheer you up, give you some motivation, and also have fun getting to know you! You’d literally be silly not to have a relationship with me and my team (our service to you is free, duh!).

If you’re a true high potential or already top-producing recruiter whether in the US or globally, we’d love to invite you to join our golden loop so you’ll get regular market updates and check-ins from our team as we continue to expand globally!

You can get in touch with anyone from the DG Recruit team by clicking here. Look forward to speaking with you and helping you maximizing your career potential as a headhunter.

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