Senior Consultant at Mid-sized Global Recruitment Firm

I was headhunted by Grace and it was one of the best recruiting experiences I ever I had. Not only did she open my eyes to the industry and better opportunities, but she held my hand during the whole process. Her energy and knowledge of the market, her honesty and transparency are truly genuine. She […]

IT Headhunter in the Pittsburgh area

Dandan is helping to change the game of Recruiting and is very knowledgeable on the industry. Her podcast gives new recruiters the chance to learn the in’s and out’s of the industry before even starting their position. Having the necessary tools are essential to success in anything in life, and for recruiting, Dandan provides those […]

Recruiter at the Exclusive Real Estate Company of Beverly Hills

I was referred to her by a friend one day prior to her giving me a call where she asked me questions that really got me thinking about what I wanted in a career. I was quickly inspired by her comments and insights in her field of recruiting and have been pursuing recruiting ever since. […]